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March 3rd, 2022 by

The Mercedes-EQ EQS is the first luxury electric car for sale at Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs

When considering luxury cars, what brand names come to mind? Mercedes-Benz or Tesla?

After all, when one thinks of valid reasons for driving an electric car, luxury is usually not at the top of the list. But Mercedes-Benz is making irreparable changes in the luxury car industry that will have everyone looking at the electric car differently in a few years.

By 2025, 10% of every vehicle on Earth will be electric. But over 58% of every car on the planet will be an electric vehicle.


The point is that soon enough, driving an electric vehicle will become the norm. And when drivers think about luxury, they will soon think of electric cars and Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla took the automotive world by storm by developing the world’s first viable electric car. However, the company is still perfecting its electric vehicle and battery technology. And absolutely no one buys a Tesla electric vehicle for luxury.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has developed electric vehicle and charging technology that is outpacing even Tesla.


For example, the Mercedes-Benz flagship electric vehicle, the EQS, has a driving range of over 422 miles on a full battery. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S, developed by the company that brought electric cars to the industry, only manages 405 miles per full battery.

Want to get ahead of the luxury electric car curve? Buy a Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs today. The luxury car company will begin exclusively producing electric vehicles by 2025.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs today to learn about our electric vehicles and electric battery charging modules.


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Rest easy knowing that whatever your luxury vehicle needs are, Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs is ready and willing to guide you through every step of the way to ensure you get a tailored purchase and service experience with every visit.

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