Hacks for Mercedes-Benz Owners

November 8th, 2016 by

Mercedes-Benz CLA

The advanced electronic systems and software in newer Mercedes-Benz models often contain “Easter eggs”, or hidden functionalities, that can easily be accessed if you know where to look. Some of these functionalities are simple time-savers, while others are useful to master in emergency situations. However, all of these hacks make Mercedes-Benz ownership even more rewarding. These tricks do not work on all Mercedes models and years, but they should work on most newer vehicles.

Here of some of the top hacks for Mercedes-Benz owners:

  • Stand near your vehicle, and continuously press down the lock button on your key fob. This will shut all of the vehicle’s windows and the sunroof. Similarly, press the unlock button, and the car’s windows and sunroof will completely open. This is useful for all those times you forget to close that one back window. Instead of getting back in your car to secure everything, you can now shut all of your windows with a simple press of a button.
  • Once again, stand near your vehicle and simultaneously press both the lock and unlock button on your key fob. Keep pressing until you see the LED light flash on the fob. Upon doing this, you will have either programmed your car to unlock all doors with a single push of the unlock button, or to unlock just one door with a single press of the button. This can easily be reverted the exact same way.
  • In any emergency situation, press the push-start button for approximately three seconds to turn the vehicle off. This hack isn’t exclusive to Mercedes-Benz and works for most cars with a push-start button.
  • Simply touch the turn signal in your Mercedes-Benz, and it will flash three times. This is handy for quick lane changes.
  • While reversing, your side-view mirrors can be programmed to tilt downward to help with parking. On the driver’s-side door, press button two to adjust the mirrors. While braking, move the vehicle into reverse. Using the mirror-selection button once again, move the mirror all the way down, until you are able to see the rear wheel from your position inside the vehicle. Press the M button on the door, and you should hear a quick beeping sound. Move the car back into drive, and the mirror should go back to its original position. That mirror will now tilt downward every time the vehicle is put into reverse, and it will resume its normal position once the vehicle is moved back into drive.
  • Press the re-circulate button for a few seconds, and all windows and the sunroof should close. If you press the re-circulate button again, the windows and sunroof will go back to their previous positions.
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