Let Your Car Find a Parking Spot For You

November 3rd, 2016 by

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Sit Back and Let Your Mercedes-Benz Find a Parking Spot

Anyone who has driven in a midsize city or even to a popular event in a small town can testify that finding an open parking space is quite a hassle. Few things are more frustrating than driving around a gigantic parking lot, searching for an available parking space and not being able to find one in a timely manner. Mercedes-Benz is here to rescue you from your parking nightmares.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Will Soon Find Parking Spots

Mercedes-Benz recently announced that its vehicles will soon be equipped with the technology necessary to pinpoint open parking spaces. The Mercedes-Benz vehicles of the near-future will also be able to share information with other Mercedes-Benz automobiles in their vicinity that are also on the prowl for open parking spaces. The technology is currently being tested with the company’s new line of E-Class sedans. Bloomberg News has revealed that this incredible time-saving technology will likely be available as soon as 2017.

The Bosch-Mercedes-Benz Alliance

The aforementioned announcement was made in unison with Bosch, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. The two automotive powerhouses have worked with one another in the past on parking technology projects. It appears as though the two companies have developed a technology centered on ultrasound sensors that allow the E-Class vehicles to pinpoint open parking spaces even when the vehicle is traveling in excess of 30 miles per hour. This information is then communicated to a network in a crowd-sourcing effort to identify available parking spaces in a utilitarian manner. The data will be fed to fellow Mercedes-Benz drivers in the same area who are in search of open parking spots. If a Mercedes-Benz driver is driving around a parking lot and it turns out there are no spots available, his vehicle will inform him of the lack of parking, allowing him to look for parking in a nearby area. This groundbreaking technology will save Mercedes-Benz drivers plenty of time and help them avoid the frustrating challenge that parking has become in our increasingly crowded world.

An Eye on the Future

Mercedes-Benz representatives have also stated their engineers are working on a real-time mapping system that will provide up-to-the-second information as open parking spaces are filled and previously occupied spots are vacated. However, the parking space location technology hinges on a steady supply of Mercedes-Benz vehicles traversing the streets to feed a constant stream of information to the map. Though this might sound like quite a challenge, it is possible that the system will be able to function with merely two vehicles in a parking lot’s vicinity. Every frustrated driver will agree that any information about available parking spaces is better than none. Look for this parking space-finder technology to make waves throughout the automotive industry. The technology will likely spill over into the mainstream and eventually be available on all new vehicles within the next decade.

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