Mercedes-Benz to Release Street-Legal Formula One Car

December 29th, 2016 by

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People have been intrigued by street racing ever since the automobile entered the market. There is just something about the differences in a street legal car and one that is driven in races like NASCAR and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Just like people are intrigued by the thought of driving one of these vehicles, automakers have been saying for many years that they will be transferring technology used on the track to the vehicles driven on the street. While this was more of an overstatement for many manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz is actually planning on releasing a street-legal Formula One car.

What Makes a Formula One Car so Special?

If you haven’t seen one in a race, you have not seen racing. A Formula One race car is designed to accelerate, brake, and turn in a way that no other vehicle can. The Formula One races are the highest class of single driver races in the world. They are also categorized as the fastest race cars in the world and they whip around corners during the race like it is nothing. They can reach up to 240 miles per hour during a race so it is no surprise that they create G forces that are similar to that of military fighter jets. In short, they are very impressive vehicles and it makes sense that Mercedes-Benz would want to make a street legal version.

What Can We Expect with the Mercedes-Benz Street Version?

So far, a lot of the information is speculation but we do have some information based on rumors. At the Paris Motor Show, some key elements of the vehicle were released. One major difference is that there will be a roof, as expected, because it would be difficult to drive with an open cockpit every day. The idea is that Mercedes-Benz will combine the best of both the street world and the racing world in this vehicle. The vehicle is rumored to be called AMG® R50 and is expected to be constructed of carbon fiber. there will even be a 1,300 horsepower engine mounted in the middle. Since it will weigh less than other vehicles on the market, it is rumored that it will top out at 220 miles per hour. It may even use electricity to boost its acceleration, which me be 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Some things that we know will come standard is all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Additionally, there will be an abundance of safety components and driver assistance technologies included.

The price is rumored to be $2 million or more once it is released to the market but there is no official release date set. All we really know now is that it is in the works. It will make for a very expensive toy and something that will be reserved for the wealthy. The technology that is placed in street cars will only improve from here and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for these vehicles.

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